since last week…

Last week was very quiet in work compared to the previous one. I walked the new route to the bus with OJ a few times with no problems. I went to Derry on Friday with D to get a few things and she helped me and OJ to learn to find different shops more easily. He wasn’t really in the mood for working and lay down in cooldiscs when i was having a lengthy discussion about music with the owner. I bought David Geraghty’s album ‘kill your darlings’, and despite mixed reviews i’d got from friends i think its excellent. Its so different from what he does with bell x1, and shows many interesting aspects of his musical creativity, that are especially impressive on a debut album.
It rained all day on Saturday so we didn’t go out anywhere. We took the dogs to the beach on Sunday, but i don’t know if it was worth the stress. OJ ran out on to the road when i took him out of his run. He never ever does this, so i got very angry with him and left him inside for a while before going to the beach. They were both hiper, but OJ was unusually worse than Dougal. I washed Dougal and OJ after, because we are going to Glasgo on Tuesday with OJ and Dougal is staying in my sister’s house. I got completely soaked but they are lovely and clean now.
We are flying to Scotland at 1 tomorrow. I can’t feed OJ in the morning encase he gets sick on the plane, which hopefully won’t happen. I hope he’s not afraid of it. I will be in the radio station
Insight Radio
For most of the day on Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t really know what to expect so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. My parents, OJ and I are staying in a flat with their friend. It will be the first time OJ has stayed in my room since we trained in Cork so hopefully he won’t wake me up too early.

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