Clever boy

I’ve always been amazed at how much you can train a dog to do, and O.J. keeps reminding me of this since we started training. I have noticed so many changes since we began training a year ago, and i have learned so much. Apart from becoming more relaxed and confident when I’m out with him, I can see how much he uses his intuition. Sometimes he’ll stop at an obstacle before deciding how to get around it, and because he’s quite a sniffy dog, I’ll tend to encourage him on instead of waiting for him to make a decision, as i think he’s doing something naughty.
There have been a few times where we’ve gotten slightly lost, and I tend not to trust him as much as i should to find the right way back. Sometimes I’ll be wrong, sometimes he’s wrong, and sometimes we’re both wrong. This happened to us the other day, and it reminded me again of how much i should learn to trust him.
We learned a new route home from work, coming off the walls down a ramp, which I’ll need if the gates where we usually come off the walls are closed. This is a slightly longer way that brings us back to the steps that we use to then find the crossing to the bus depot. I showed O.J. it on the lead before walking him in harness twice, so i thought we’d try it on Monday evening as i had plenty of time to get to the bus. We didn’t reach the steps, but i didn’t think we’d gone too far yet. O.J. stopped and i encouraged him forward, but he wouldn’t go. He stood there for a second and then turned around and brought me back to the steps. It was another occasion where my dog proved to be smarter than me and he knew it too.

Other random things this week:
The maiden City festival was on, and our online radio station
Verbal FM
is covering the events. There are performances in the cafe all week, and I have to interview musicians after them. I interviewed the excellent classical guitarist Sean Woods on Tuesday. He was great fun, and when we were getting our photo taken together afterwards O.J who was lying quietly throughout the interview decided to jump in too. Sean was laughing and calling him into the photo, and then told us that he has been terrified of dogs for years! What a brave man you never would have guessed.
As soon as the next interviewee came in, we asked if he was afraid of Dogs, and he said he owned 5.
Also there’s a busker who insists on busking on the walls outside our window at 10 to 2 every afternoon this week. He sings (if you could call it singing) ‘black is the colour’, ‘you fill up my senses’ and ‘hallelujah) every day without fail. and I’m worried that someone from our office will give him a piece of our mind soon and he won’t like it one bit! Wonder how much money he has made so far? I could guess… and my guess is not much!
O.J and Dougal went to the beach on Friday evening and they both loved it. I really must take them more often. Me and O.J did lots of walking this weekend.


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