The gift of music

Its August bank holiday monday, and because \I’m in Derry me and OJ are at work. He didn’t want to get into the jeep this morning, and wined a bit going up the road, so i think he was annoyed about going to work as well. I did get an extra half an hour in bed though. I took OJ’s bed from home into the office, because Dougal keeps eating the rubber underneath, and a white mat in work looks more dirty. The Maiden City Festival is on this week, so i have to interview the musicians who play in our cafe at lunchtime. I got about 15 albums on my computer yesterday, so new music is keeping me entertained and making the day fly. Nick Drake, Bonnie Prince Billy, JJ Cale, Lambchop, iron and wine and calexico and lots more, not forgetting “rob’s songs, crafted by his own fair hands and ears” (don’t ask!) They are all brilliant.
I’ve been very busy out with friends for the last couple of weeks. We booked a weekend in Barcellona with people from work at the end of November. I won’t be taking OJ, but he’s coming to Glasgo with me and my parents on aug 19th. Encase i didn’t mention already, I’m going to visit insight radio, which is a station for blind and VI people. I will be there for two days observing and hopefully picking up some new ideas. I’m really looking forward to it, and hopefully OJ will like the plane.
I have also booked tickets for Christy Moore in the Millennium Forum. I don’t know who is going with me but its not until november. I’m taking OJ too, as Christys quite quiet, and i want to get him used to going to different places. We have to sit near the back so there’s more space for him to lye down. Hopefully he won’t make any noise or Christy will have him turfed out!


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