Nationwide (again)

Oj’s 5 mins of fame: here it is!
I was interviewed on friday on ICR before Nationwide. We watched it at home, and i was probably more nervous before it started than i was filming it. I missed a bit the first time cos my 1-year-old nephew escaped and had crawled half way up the stairs by the time i got to him! I was really happy with how it turned out, and hopefully ICR and the VAC liked their plugs!
I got so many texts after, and every one mentioned OJ! Steeling the limelight as usual who does he think he is! I was glad his puppywalker saw it too.
My more observant friends even commented on my CD choices! The girls were out the other day, and after they made me watch it again they wanted to see the 2 Nationwide programs we’d been on before. I could only find the first one, but it was hillarius and so embarrassing! I wonder will i think the same about this one in a few years.
A poster on the frames message board gave me this link to Glen Hansard on Nationwide, so maybe it isn’t so bad to be filmed after all!
They’ve obviously ran out of filming ideas since they filmed that.


3 thoughts on “Nationwide (again)

  1. Hi! my name is Erin and I’m a puppy walker for the Guide Dog Foundation, here in the US.I’m raising my third puppy for them a female black lab named Midnight. If you would like to read Midnight’s blog please email me at: – her blog is private so I’d have to manual add you is why! Anyways loved the video, OJ is VERY handsome ::grins::

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