almost my birthday

Well its my final day being 21! Of course I couldn’t wait to have a 21st party, but my 22nd birthday doesn’t seem so exciting. It hasn’t stopped me celebrating though.
Went to see the excellent Foy Vance in Derry on Thursday. Wasn’t sure how loud it would be so left OJ behind. The girls took me for dinner and to see Juno on Friday, so he was neglected then too. Its nearly my birthday though I think he understands.
I had a proper day off last Friday, which was a change. I went for lunch with my mum Jack and Danny (2 nephews). Theres an O.J lookalike hanging around the café, and O.J isn’t impressed cos its his local! The weathers unusually mild these days, so we can do lots of walking. He went to the hairdressers with me yesterday and was a bit freaked out by the hairdryers and smells for a while. Then we walked to Maureens and OJ and Jack played football for ages.
I’ll be working from 1 til 7 on Monday, but birthdays are always a bit more relaxed in work. There will be kids in the building, so OJ will enjoy it too. He’s not getting any cake its bad for dogs!


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