O.J goes to school

My 9 year old nephew asked his teacher if I could take O.J into visit his class, so we went there last Friday. He’d been in the primary school a few times before, but not in a classroom of about 20 kids, and he loved every minute of it!
The kids asked me some questions they had already prepared. Then they took turns to ask their own, which were much more entertaining. They included:
“is he a boy or a girl?”
“Would you like him to be a girl?”
“What does he eat/drink?”
My personal favourite was from a girl who knew her stuff about dogs:
“You know how dogs are colour blind, well if there was a pink set of stairs and a blue set of stairs, and you asked O.J to find the pink stairs, would he know which was which?”
Each table took it in turns to come and pet him, and tell me about the dogs they own/used to own. One boy used to have a guide dog too apparently…
We took photos of the whole class with O.J for the good news board and the newspaper. Instead of saying cheese, they all shouted O.J! It was very cute! They even said bye to him in Irish when we were leaving. He loved all the attention, and was really well behaved. I’m sure this won’t be his last visit to scoil iosagain.

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