training review

O.J’s trainer came up last thursday to see how we’re both getting on. The trainer has to visit within the first 6 months of owning a guide dog, and then once a year after that. She basically checks that the dog doesn’t have any bad habits, and teaches new routes if i need to learn any.
She came to our house at 9.30, so i got the day off work (nice!) O.J was very excited to see her, and both dogs made sure that she played with them and their toys before even getting into the kitchen. She was delighted with O.J’s weight and shiney coat, so that was a relief.
We walked to my sisters new house in the country, and there was lots of lovely scenery to look at along the way. The walk is quite easy, and theres not much traffic, but lots of dogs. We went to Derry for some quick retail therapy, and did the walk again. It was much easier the second time.
Thats the pressure over until the summer!


One thought on “training review

  1. hi thanks for the comment on my blog, im probbaly going to start off my dog with its very own blog, im gunna have to teach it to type! lolthe after care visits are joyous, my mum is on her 5th dog and still hates them!

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