training at home

We left Cork on tuesday morning (14 aug.) It was strange saying bye to everyone and taking O.J. home. He did great during the 8 hour journey, and just lay relaxing in the boot. We stopped to let him pee in Galway, as it was the only county in Ireland i hadn’t been too. There were baloons on the run and posters welcoming him and congratulating me it was lovely. He seemed to like his new room and settled in well.
I relaxed for a couple of days, before starting training on Friday. We walked the route from our house to the town by the beach before and after lunch. Lots of people kept stopping to talk, and it was difficult to keep walking without getting distracted. We walked the road way to town on saturday, but its too dangerous to do at the minute. I was exhausted on sat night and just wanted to be finished training so i could sleep.
We learned the route from the bus depot to my work on sunday and monday. It’s simple enough, except for the crossing with no tactile, but hopefully O.J.will pick it up soon. He has learned his way to the office and cafe quick enough so i’ll have no problems there.
Dougal and O.J get on fine, except Dougal really needed the snip! He wouldn’t leave O.J’s bits alone, and poor O.J wouldn’t complain at all. Dougal got the op on tuesday, so he has to go around with a bucket/lamp shade thing on his head. Poor pup!
We learned some more town routes on tuesday and wednesday, and O.J. seemed a lot more relaxed. Thursday morning was my last da of official training, and it went very well. O.J made a guest appearance in the guide dog charity shop we organised, and got lots of attention from almost everyone who passed. The shop made 680 euro in one day, so maybe it helped.
I’m going to Damien Rice on saturday, so O.J will have a well deserved rest. The first week and a half at home has been great, and hopefully itl stay that way!


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