Lets make a start…

Since joining bebo over a year ago, i have read many blogs about a variety of topics. I never really thought of myself as a blogger, but here i am writing what will hopefully be the first of many blogs.
On 22nd June 2007, i went to Cork to be matched with my first guide dog. I start 3 weeks training there next Monday, which i am really looking forward too. I wanted to write a personal diary about how me and the madra get on, and what happens after i leave Cork.
As part of my job, i spend lots of time researching accessible websites for people with disabilities on the internet. I have found many inspiring blogs and websites, which made me think about writing this blog. Maybe someone interested in guide dogs will read it, or possibly someone who is thinking of getting a dog themselves. Maybe nobody will read it, but i won’t know until i try.
Any feedback (good or bad) would be great.


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